Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dungeon Records

No Sunlite for The Media is proud to announce our newest CD Release: Dungeon Records. 80 minutes of experimental hip hop 'n' folk, recorded from August-November 2006. NSFTM's most exhaustive effort to date, Dungeon Records has been appealing to those who want their pop music more real 'n' their hip hop not sold out.

Live show favorites such as "Rhino", "Why Do You Break Yr Legs?", "Vanity", "Point of the Song", "I Don't Have to Go to Bed", "Dentist" have been revamped (you thought "Rhino" couldn't be hip hop??) 'n' over 20 new songs have been written to expand upon thee No Sunlite for the Media message: Don't care what they think 'n' stay one step ahead of thee Demons.
Packaged in a custom made oversized slipcase, Dungeon Records is encased in a 32 page liner booklet with complete lyrics (& guitar tabs!). Each set is hand stamped 'n' every album contains 2 leaves lovingly Modpodged to a photo. Thee album is a handnumbered limited edition of 219. Get 'em 'fore they're gone!
Want a copy?
No Sunlite For the Media:
Dungeon Records
$10 ppd

Math Horne
4924 Andrea Avenue
Annandale, VA 22003
Questions? Photos of you with yr NSFTM gear? Direct 'em to
& as always, we got shirts, for an extra 5$. Double sided hand screenprinted t-shirts in all sizes. So get 'em 'n' show off yr NSFTM pride. From Annandale to thee Alamo, people are representing Dungeon Records. Specify variety: 1) Dungeon Logo; 2) Rhino; OR 3) Broken Legs.

Thanks to all those who saw our concerts, bought thee album 'r sent in photos...

...You are No Sunlite for the Media


Bort Frock said...

No, son. Forget this mess.

nosunlite said...

Does this count as fulfilling one of our life goals of getting prank called by Longmont Potion Castle/Mike Jourgensen?

Good to see you still around, man! We just listened to LPC 3 cassette tape the other day, some classic moments!