Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Out of the Dungeon XX

Welcome to Out of the Dungeon, a many part series detailing a decade of NSFTM noise, hip hop, 'n' adventures from top No Sunlite for the Media scholars, historians, fans, 'n' collaborators. Medians share their thoughts on the absolute values of various NSFTM rekkerds, while we provide free audio streaming 'n' hi-quality file purchase of all the albums at our bandcamp page.

Out of the Dungeon XX: Introduction to the Dungeon
Entering the Exiting of the Media
Memories from Big D
[A Child's Introduction to Money and the Instruments of the Media
was originally issued as a CD inside a pouch with thee Disney-parody
artwork safety-pinned to it. This baggie was filled with photo sheets
'n' lyrics, amongst other goodies. These are long gone -
but you can still download Money here]

"Considering this is exam week, I dunno what this is saying..."

A Child’s Introduction was my introduction to the hidden under workings of NSFTM’s recording process, complete with ancient laptops, oversized headphones, and handwritten lyrics on the back of old homework. As I sat on the floor of the living room, I looked like a child trying to read scrawled handwriting, and I felt like a child learning through trial and error how to work a recording apparatus for the first time. Luckily, this introduction makes even the newest Medians feel like they’ve been listening, recording, and jamming all their lives. With the instructions “just sing something that sounds good on the verses,” Math plopped me into the realm of lo-fi and I’ve never turned back. This album brings NSFTM back to its roots and allows listeners to return to their childhood days with a mix of genres that’ll get your head spinning faster than the merry-go-round you used to push on the playground.

Though each song brings its own paradigm-subverting, sellout-hating, bring-it-back-to-the-truth-of-the-basics elements, one song in particular strikes directly to the hearts of its listeners. “
End” is arguably the best song on the album, and possibly the most poignant of all the songs in NSFTM history thus far. Line after line of blatant honesty draws you in and suddenly every word somehow applies to your own life as well.
<a href="">End by No Sunlite for the Media</a>
“I wish I had said I have something to say. I wish I had said I have nothing to say, cuz I said too much or not enough, but either way…”
With this song, NSFTM achieves the thing for which every musician strives yet very few actually attain.

We don't know how it's gonna end. But, we do know NSFTM will continue to charge forward, burning cash and challenging the overground world. The school bell is ringing, ready to grab your seat in the dungeon?

-Big D
Charlottesville, VA
Apr. 2k10
Not knowing how it's going to end:

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