Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Out of the Dungeon XXII

Welcome to Out of the Dungeon, a many part series detailing a decade of NSFTM noise, hip hop, 'n' adventures from top No Sunlite for the Media scholars, historians, fans, 'n' collaborators. Medians share their thoughts on the absolute values of various NSFTM rekkerds, while we provide free audio streaming 'n' hi-quality file purchase of all the albums at our bandcamp page.

Out of the Dungeon XXII: Oh Those Noisy Frogs
Noise Dogs and the Like
What it All Means by Randall K.
[Noise Dogs was originally released as a
edition handnumbered/hand colored cassette.
You can digitally download here]

What howls beyond?
Noise frogs croaking.
What moves in ponds?
Noise logs rolling.
What hoots and hollers?
Noise pogs popping.
What cents rolls dollars?
Noise goggles gogging.

I don't think it needs to be any more simple than that. This is their most direct tape (rekkerd, if you will, I personally won't, but I don't have to so I...) and it sounds like a tape, recorded in analogue in one session, unlike (every?) other pieced together NSFTM effort. Why you'd want to get these digital files is beyond me (oh yeah because maybe you want a chance to hear this otherwise impossible garage monster thing?) but I've peaked at 'em and it seems like these guys didn't bother remastering. Which is a good thing - hiss was the main instrument used on this album (EP, if you will, but I...).

They warned me that it wouldn't be "that hip hop sound" or whatever and that the influences this time were Wire and Guided by Voices as opposed to Boogie Down, youth group songs and Negativland. But they were wrong. It ends up sounding like Half Japanese, hometown heroes for NSFTM, but maybe it just sounds like No Sunlite themselves (un?)focusing on one sound and even then there's variety. I hear some folk on "Rat Bit" and the rhyming on "Mallard Barbers" doubtlessly springs from rap sources (and Star Trek cards). They even throw back the whole idea of their "
hit" with a supposed bonus track of "Rhino" that's just all noise, stereo panning, and bad bootlegging, as if we deserved any less after making it thru 17 minutes of new NSFTM hits.
<a href="http://nsftm.bandcamp.com/track/retroflexing-the-youth">Retroflexing the Youth by No Sunlite for the Media</a>
Perhaps accidentally (and to their dismay?) this whole thing produced not just one valid hit, but two. "Retroflexing the Youth" was Camper Van Beethoven flailing in an aquarium but somehow got to be catchy enough to be performed frequently and violently. Gibbons tied in ribbons, boys making noise, girls hurling whirls.

And of course, "19 Minutes to Mexico", which spends the entire song actively trying to
ruin its own momentum and poppiness, but the rock won't let it happen. Tape speeds up, tempos drop, guitars mistake, and the song just continues to get catchier. It almost seems like they're apologizing for the obviousness of the jam, but mom gets angry at you getting arrested just like in every other good song. Rock and roll. Morals. Noise. Dogs.

Mostly unknown, the rest of the tape lets loose and gets goose. Noise geese. That might work out. (Knees geese? Knoise Goo?) Yeah they made a sequel,
Bubbles, but that doesn't come close to the streamlined power of this one. Lo-fi dogs. No-eyed joggers. What you need is a dose of lo-fi and here it is.

-Randall K.
"Angry that I found out yer arrested"
Aug. 2k10

Fairfax, VA

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