Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Out of the Dungeon XXIV

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Out of the Dungeon XXIV: Is it a Balloon or is it a Fish?
Bubbles as it bubbles 
Memories from Max Hollander

Foamy bubbles in the tide pools…. fuzzy guitars.  Prickly puffer fish… pumping bass drum with sharp high-hats. It’s time to begin…

Bubbles is No Sunlite’s double cassette of garage noise rock that came gnashing at the heels of the Noise Dogs tape. You know the drill: hone the sound, take it up a notch. We left the garage for the basement, ditched the cassette multi-tracking for the most primitive free software. Who knows how many songs are actually spread out on these two tapes, but it totals about 40 minutes of music. Could this have fit on one cassette, no problem?  Yes, of course.  But a double tape release is awesome. If you want the CD-R you will have to fight to get it out of the back, it is really wedged in there.

Unknown persons, half-formed punch thru these songs (I never got to ask Trip if Ellen was the girl on the chip bag) Is Michael really a clown or did he just blow a penalty kick? But there’s no circus! Does Molly look like a horse or does she feed them?  Why did they all eat spicy chips, gravy and cabbage? Or maybe the myriad motifs - food, animals, love, snow, sludge, science – just paint the picture of the dungeon laboratory clearer when transmitted thru unfamiliar characters.

Now if memory serves me… it was the blizzard of ‘10 and there was too much snow to use our speeders.  Luckily we could trudge the mile between dungeons to lay down these feisty tracks/drink potions and eat chips.  This was back when we thought the Moon was really the best thing you could hope for and top of the line was the only beverage that could properly compliment Muppet Show DVDs.  But I digress.

On this recording you will rarely hear less than 2 guitars and 2 vocalists at any point; we were just way too amped to do it any other way.  Garage noise rock doesn’t quite sum it up – there is pretty indie rock (“Plankton Lung”, “Sing Me Awake”), emo (“…Devils…”), heartfelt mystic folk punk (“The Red Sled”, “Deirdre”), Frodus (“Turn Into a Jetson”) and Pearl Jam (“5 July 1959”).  You can make a Bubbles of your OWN, just head down to your parent’s basement with friends and laugh until tears stream down your face.
- Max Hollander
"Troubles, Double"
Dec. 2k10
Manassas, VA

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