Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sea. Of. Islands.

Just when you thought it was safe to make rekkerds underwater.

No Sunlite comes with our second installment in our Lightless Landscapes series. Following thee dark forest exploration of that Princess of the Pines 7" comes a suite of starfish moonsand dreamfolk dealing with ocean bottoms 'n' thee moon - thus Sea of Islands. Gone are thee upbeat campfire numbers 'n' hop hip battle rhymes, back are thee Media Tricks demonhauntings 'n' droney groupsingings with banjo, dulcimer 'n' live drums painting thee cold digital corners of this CD circle.

Divided into four long segments with many songs buried within each, Sea of Islands might seem to signal No Sunlite going prog, but instead this was a means to unite our themes 'n' finally present a structure to counter our otherwise scattered-madness LP's. Each track named after fishes. Reflecting thee content of thee songs within. Corresponding with classic No Sunlite themes of familial unity in a breaking 'n' broken culture (Albacore), bringing light to dark demon zones (Prickly Seadevil), persisting eons tying us together (Coelacanth), pride destroying purpose (Globefish). If thee sea motifs don't kill you, thee starfolkworld might.
First Pressings of Sea of Islands CD's come in recycled Jewel Cases with mechanical fish artwork 'n' a handnumbered lyrics sheet.
Limited to 44 copies
To get a copy of Sea of Islands you can send $6.66 ppd paypal to or visit any store where restorative brokenfishfolk is sold.
Love ya. Stay tuned for thee final part of this trilogy.

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