Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dungeonfolk: Thee Final Full Length

Happy 2/19!

Over two years, we've been saving up our rap tracks 'n' over many months we've been making homemade paper, stamps, 'n' stringing up these packages with ribbons to deliver thee final full length in thee NSFTM cannon.

Dungeonfolk. [download @ bandcamp]

& because we couldn't just let it be a 17 track rap platter, we're also unleashing a bonus EP of songs continuing in thee themes but performed with guitars, drums, banjos on a separate 3" cdr.

Ungulate Ululations. [download @ bandcamp]

Complete package of both Dungeonfolk and Ungulate Ululations available for 7$ppd to, including lyrical booklets, handstamped papers, stickers, 'n' a statement of intent essay from Math. We've already been distributing them in thee underground, so grab one of thee last 16 copies.

It's all folksongs, even when you sing about horses. Ain't no ungulate art.

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