Thursday, March 01, 2012

Forgotten Songs Emerging

After dropping our last-album-ever last week, Dungeonfolk, we're now slowly unleashing our b-sides for free downloads, including this forgotten collabo between Math and an MC/producer team from Fredericksburg, who created this dark soundscape in 2008:

Follow the fun at the NSFTM tumblr or keep checking bandcamp for thee ever growing B-sides Internet comp (named 1940 after a similar concept by our heroes Soul-Junk). There are some treasures yet to be discovered; we're staying underground!


Bort Frock said...

No duh you're staying underground. Above ground, the world is already full of people doing the fresh-out-of-college-and-we-are-oh-so-profound thing. And some of their work is actually enjoyable.

Stuebs said...

Math, it's Sean. These two guys came in to RTX yesterday asking for more NSFTM albums. They said you guys had quickly become their favorite group and wanted and needed more.

Anonymous said...

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